Donna Day 2015


A child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes.

Donna was one of those children.




Not all children who are diagnosed with cancer die. In fact, many don’t. Not to make it sound like cancer is no big deal in that sense. Death is not the only potential side effect of cancer. It just happens to be the worst one. Cancer survivors are scarred by a loss of innocence, a cloud over their head threatening to open back up the flood gates and let cancer back in again someday, sometimes cancer is kind in a way by only robbing a person of an organ or a limb or their sight……

Donna was one of the ones who died.

Donna was diagnosed in 2007 at 20 months old. That was the day her families world was flipped upside and shaken around like a snow globe. I can’t even imagine the terror and heartache her parents walked through. She passed away peacefully at home in bed between her mom and dad. I wept the day I first read her story. Wept hard at the atrocity nd havoc that cancer has the ability to wreak.

Today is Donna Day. Today is the day we honor the memory of not only Donna, but of every child who has ever been lost to cancer. Today is the day we make a difference. Raise awareness. Give money.

Yes, money.

Money is what can make a huge impact in our work to find better treatments and ultimately CURES.

Go to and find out how YOU can play a part in this fight.

Do it for Donna.





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