Day 7 Word Prompt Blog Challenge: STRAWBERRIES



There are moments, tiny seemingly-insignificant moments that linger in your mind for your entire life.

This was one of those moments.

I was little. About five years old. It is summer time. I am visiting my Grammy in Vermont. She has a big house on a huge hill. As an adult I will go back to this house and discover it is really just a trailer on a small hill but at five years old it is much larger.

My Grammy and I like to go for walks. Everyday. There are lots of flowers growing along the country road. My most favorite are the milk thistles that grow around the mailbox at the bottom of the hill. I am both scared of and have total respect for their tenacity with their sharp spikes surrounding their soft beautiful purple flowers. I want to be that: both strong and pretty.


Today we are bringing a basket. But not for flowers. Today we are going strawberry picking. Grammy leads the way to a field a quarter mile down the road. It is laden heavy with wildflowers. Some of them are taller than I am. I could get lost in this wonderland wilderness. I stick my face right into a giant Queen Annes Lace. There are a lot of bees here. A LOT. I am nervous but Grammy says if I don’t bother them they won’t bother me. So I don’t and they don’t. Grammy is really smart.


Grammy tells me wild strawberries grow here in this field. She stoops down and plucks a tiny red berry. It is smaller than a marble. I think this is not very big and won’t be very yummy. Strawberries are supposed to be fat and plump. She offers me the tiny fruit and I place it in my mouth.

I am thirty-five now. That was three decades ago. But I still remember exactly how it tasted when I bit down and it exploded on my tongue. Like sugar and sunshine and juice. Amazing. Delicious. Sweet and tart and perfect. It was like a kiss from God. Every single strawberry I have eaten since then pales in comparison.

And that is one of my keeping moments. The moments that make up life. The moments I imagine will flash like polaroids through my mind when I breathe my final breath. That is one gift my Gram has given me. A keeping moment. She doesn’t know how many more she is responsible for. This is her legacy. Love and time-spent and joy and strawberries. These are what I will remember. About her. About life. Always.

What are YOUR Keeping moments? The moments that encapsulate this experience called LIFE……<3 Will you create one today perhaps?

You just never know…..


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