Day 4 Word Prompt Blog Challenge: CONTENTMENT


Irony: Missing a day of blogging because you are so distracted and feeling obligated to tasks and at the end of the day you are kicking yourself in the butt because you have a to-do list ten miles long and have barely made a dent in it in a solid week and the stuff on the list is BIG STUFF and you basically sucked as a productive human being today and you failed and you didn’t even blog and what the heck was the word prompt anyway?
Look at that.
Oxford dictionaries defines contentment as: A state of happiness and satisfaction.

So. I can sit here and tell you how overwhelmed I am with wedding planning or how frustrated I am with myself for not helping my son more with his reading work or how I didn’t work out at all today or how the dog STILL needs a bath…..But how about no. How about instead, I focus on what creates a sense of contentment in my heart?
My list of 30 random things that have recently brought a sense of contentment to my spirit. Which is a really big deal when you are a type-A, OCD, anxiety, aspie. Trust me. Letting go and just being in a moment can be tough for me. But I am learning. Because peace, love. joy and contentment are delicious.
1) The way Lucy smiles wide and her eyes roll back all silly when she throws herself back over and over in my arms.
2) The way Drezdyn says Good morning
3) A snoring dog on my lap.
4) The birds singing outside of my bedroom window
5) warm grass under my bare feet
6) he smell of fresh baked bread
7) when Justin comes home
8) coloring in my Hello Kitty coloring book
9) coffee in the morning
10) the still silence of 2 a.m.
11) reading a good book in a hot bubble bath
12) a ice cold beer while soaking up the sun in my backyard in a lawn chair
13) my children all eating a healthy, vegetarian meal that I prepared for them
14) feeling safe in my own home
15) a letter from my Gram
16) the painting on my daughters wall of the mermaid mama nursing her merbaby
17) Lucy sleeping on my chest
18) laughing with my sons
19) holding hands in the theatre with Justin
20) taking baths with my merbaby
21) snuggling with Justin after lovemaking
22) my son Aidan giving me a foot rub
23) sitting at the park feeding Lucy and watching my boys play
24) the neighbor kids knocking on the door asking if my sons can come out to play because I know we are in a good place now.
25) an afternoon nap on the couch under my electric blanket
26) looking at my engagement ring on my finger
27) dancing
28) complaining out loud how my dog Sasha is such a pain always being up my butt but secretly savoring how loyal she is.
29) Roses in a vase by my bed
30) My bathroom cabinet stocked with all of my own products and knowing I am living my dream step by step

There is far too much to be content about. Why bother wasting time berating myself for not being perfect. I never wanted perfection in life. I simply wanted happiness. And I damn sure have it. And I am unbelievably thankful for all of the not-so-small things that draw me to a place of contentment.
So, what’s on YOUR list?


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