Day 2 30 Day Word Prompt Challenge: SNOW


I know, I know. You’re sick of snow. I see your photos, your comments on Facebook. Winter has been dumping so much icy freezing white stuff on you and you are totally over it. I get it. I really do. I am a New Englander born and bred. I’ve driven in blizzards, gone out to play in 6 foot high snowbanks, layered my clothes and put plastic grocery bags on my feet under my boots.Snow was simply a part of my life. For half of the year.

I have lived all over the place. I just happened to luck out to at least be someplace with a dusting of snow a couple times in the winter at least. Until now.

Texas is fabulous. I am loving the fact that while friends and family and bunkered down or braving the miserable cold and unrelenting snowfall, I am hanging out on my deck barefoot in a sundress. I love the fact that I have flowers blooming in pots and my children are outdoors playing and enjoying the sunshine. It’s nice.

But it’s not home. And I find myself missing home. A lot. I find myself missing snow. Maybe not wishing for feet and feet to drop from the sky. But a few inches sure would be nice. It just isn’t winter. Christmas was odd this past year. We didn’t celebrate in December. We were waiting for tax return time since we used our holiday money on a new house and buying gifts for 2 families in need. It wasn’t the lack of holiday traditions I found I was missing though. It was the lack of SNOW. I kept telling Justin, “it’s so WEIRD.” I told him I missed the crunchcrunchcrunch of walking through the snow. He told me he has never walked crunchcrunchcrunch through snow. Ever. In his whole life. The fact makes me want to cry a little.

So, maybe you are sick and tired of snow. I understand.

But I miss it. I wish my children could go outside in their ridiculously puffy snowsuits and clompy boots. I wish I could throw snowballs with them and take photos of them with snowflakes in their hair and on their eyelashes. I wish I could just stand out in the snow and listen to the way it blankets the world in a muffled soft silence. I miss that crunchcrunchcrunch under my feet.

Anyone wanna mail me a snowball?


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