Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps



If you are on FaceBook these days, (and who isn’t? Even God has his own FaceBook. )you have probably heard of the name Jamberry.

What exactly ARE Jamberry nail wraps?

Jamberry nail wraps are these awesome little nail wraps, individual stickers if you will with an adhesive backing to them that, when heated, gets very sticky and when pressed to your own nails, creates a tough bond. They come in a slew of designs and colors.j2 j3 j4

Even Mommy and Me matching sets! (Yes. yes i squeed. I waited through 6 sons to have my baby daughter. I want to do ALL THE MOMMY AND ME STUFFS!!!!!!)


They have sets to show support for autism awareness. And for every set they sell, they donate $2 to the Autism Society!


Holiday designs.



The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the basic rundown. And here’s what I did when I tried the Jamberry wraps.

Wash your hands/nails with a bit of dish soap after removing any polish from your nails. the dishsoap helps to remove any oils on your nails so the wraps can adhere more securely and last longer. Each shet of wraps comes with enough wraps for 2-3 full sets for both fingers and toes! (At $15 per sheet THAT is an INCREDIBLE deal!!!) Line up your nails to the different size wraps to get a best match. (You don’t want the wraps to touch any skin, only nail.) Using a hair dryer or a Jamberry mini heater (as a product reviewer, I got hooked up with the heater. I strongly suggest getting one. It makes your job even easier than it already is!) You peel the wrap off the plastic sheet with a cuticle tool, so as not to touch it with your fingers, hold it in front of the heat from your hair dryer/heater for just 5 seconds, and gently place on your nail. Press down, Trim with nail scissors any excess wrap, then use your emery board to ensure a smooth tip after trimming. I did a little trick to be sure mine stayed in place longer by wrapping a baggie around my nail after applying the wrap and then holding my finger in front of the heater for an additional 5 seconds. It’s not a neccesary step, but it’s a great little trick for people like me who spend all day scrubbing thing, washing dishes, etc. I use my hands A LOT and these things really stood up in comparison to even my most pricey, so called “long lasting” nail polish. And being a person who uses her hands all day long and doesn’t exactly pamper them, I have never gotten a manicure because I saw it as a waste of money. I envied the perfectly polished and decorated nails of my friends, but it just wasn’t something I could make work. Until now. And like I said, at just $15 per sheet, it more than pays for itself! Seriously!

The Jamberry Company was started by 3 sisters, after spending a day at the nail salon, they vowed to find a cheaper way to have fabulous nails. And they really nailed it. (Yes, pun TOTALLY intended. High five.)

You can order Jam berry from any Susie Q. BUt personally, I would like to pimp out MY Jamberry goddess…..uh, I mean consultant. When I told her I was interested in testing the product and doing a blog review she loaded me down with a bunch of different wraps, all the tools needed and a follow up of a super bubbly, optimistic attitude. Seriously, the girl stands 120% behind her products. And her nails are always immaculate and adorable. I’m basically a moron when it comes to stuff like this (I’ve been raising 6 boys for so long I think I forgot how to be a girl.) but she walked me through the process, gave me some great tips and was just awesome. Her name is Holly Smith and her site is You can also reach her by phone at 713-702-8232 and ask her to send you a catalog. And here’s another great deal. as if $15 isn’t cheap enough (and remember, that makes 2-3 full sets!) , if you order any 3 designs of your choice, you get to choose a FREE 4th sheet!!!! Buy 3, get one free! Get your sister, your mom and your friend at work to each buy a set and you get yours free! And then you can all get together and share and mix and match. $45 for 2-3 manis and pedis EACH for 4 women is a pretty awesomesauce deal!

If you’re interested, contact Holly today and order a set! You won’t be sorry! I am 100% in love with the concept of these nail wraps and I think you will be too! 🙂

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