SELF-TALK (part 3)


Beliefs about the World
*When you think about the future, what do you see?

Hope. So much hope. I get cautious sometimes about my faith in that hope because in the past everytime I let my gaurd down shit hits the fan. But I see a whole lot of potential and possibilities these days. Stability for myself and my kids. Joy. Love. Security. Peace. Living out some of my dreams and accepting the fact some dreams will be set down and walked away from.
*When you think about the past, what do you try to avoid remembering?

My weaknesses. The time I got down on my knees and begged my ex husband to come back home. The times I let men hit me and I didn’t press charges or leave or hit them back harder. In their sleep. With a bat. The fact I held on too long to some awfully toxic people….I don’t like reminding myself of that. I’m finding my peace in it and accepting that I was and still am only a human learning as I go. But I’m not proud of those weak moments.
*What do you like best/least about the world we live in today? While growing up? What I like best about this world:

How many amazing, good, true, beautiful souls there are here. So many folks say there are no good people left. I think it’s all in who you allow in your life and how you see things. I have been touched at my core over and over again by earnest hearts, outstretched arms, helping hands. This world is still a very beautiful place. What do I like least? Technology. How it keeps us distanced. How we don’t write letters on paper or look into a persons eyes or truly connect like we used to. We keep forgetting to look up and we keep missing shooting stars and other miracles. While growing up, my favorite thing about this world was nature. Every inch of it. The smell of soil, the taste of sun-warm tomatoes on a vine, hugging trees and the rough bark on my cheek, dancing in puddles, watching stars, maing daisy crowns. My least favorite part as a child was anything that interrupted my joyous explorations of nature. School. Bedtime. Rules. Shoes. I had no time for that nonsense. I had gypsying to do.
*What do you think needs to be remedied in our world?

Love. Oh dear sweet baby jeebus we need more love. No more critiquing people or teasing or judging or comparing. Just love. Make hugging more acceptable than handshakes. Kiss cheeks. SAY IT! Say I love you to everyone and really mean it and feel it all the way down to your toes. Message people on FB or in a text and say “I love you today!” Don’t be afraid to look foolish. Just love. Love is the answer to every single question out there. It truly is. Love heals wounds and stops rage and soothes scars and calms storms. There is far too much apathy in this world and not near enough love. Set down your guns and open up your arms.

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