Product Review With Giveaway! SunBurst Beings <3


As much as I enjoy my rambly blogs on whatever topic might spur my inspiration on that day, some of my most enjoyable blogs to write are my product reviews. Because A) I get to sample awesome products and get free stuff. And B) I get to tell you guys all about the best of the best new products I have tried out and fallen truly,madly,deeply in love with.
Today, my product review is tied in with a super groovy giveaway for all of my readers! (Yay for free stuff for you guys too!)
The company I am touting this week is SunBurst Beings. SunBurst Beings is a small independently owned business and I freaking LOVE showing small independently owned businesses lotsa love and my cash. Because eff Mart of Wals and all that cheap mass-produced crap, that’s why. Leah is the owner of this adorable and awesome little shop and she managed to take her childhood passion and talent and turn it into a career for herself. She makes gorgeous, unique handmade jewelry with amber, gemstones of all varieties and hemp. Mommy and Me sets, Tree of Life necklaces, Nursing necklaces, teething necklaces, earrings, etc… Her products are all made in love and creativity. I am seriously in LOVE with her stuff and have already informed Justin to just go ahead and buy all of my future jewelry from her.
She was awesome enough to send me a free 12 inch amber and pink agate teething necklace for Lucy. I adore it. The raw baltic amber has incredible healing and pain relieving properties, for those unfamiliar with amber. Many parents have used amber to help their babies get through teething and colic phases and have sworn by the effectiveness of it. Agate is a healing and calming stone. It can help with teething pain but is also a proven remedy to help with the symptoms of ADHD and PTSD. Basically, if you have a baby (or know someone who has a baby) who shoudl just CALM THE FRICK DOWN, this is the perfect necklace for them!
Like Lucy. Who can be the sweetest, smiliest, most zen bebe ever but can also be a super duper uber diva with a stereotypical redheaded personality. (Those of you with redheads know exactly what I mean.)
And here’s the giveaway part of this review. I stand fully behind these products. So much so that I have here in my hot little hands ANOTHER 12 inch baltic amber and agate 12 inch necklace that I want to share with one of you awesome possum readers! Here’s how easy it is to win. Simply go to SunBurst Beings Facebook page and click Like on that happy little Like tab up top of her page.
Then go to her Etsy page and browse around awhile through her 90 different products and fall in love and then order something. Anything. Or a whole slew of things. Order the gorgeous Prayer necklace with the cross. Order a seashell necklace. Order a pair of barefoot sandals or an amber teething necklace or a Tree Of Life Goddess necklace with jasper.Order something and you are automatically entered into a drawing I will do on Tuesday where you will win THIS NECKLACE:
The picture seriously doesn’t do it justice. It’s even more lovely in person with it’s teal and turquoise colored agate and raw baltic amber on hemp. Each stone is individually tied to ensure that if it breaks you will not lose every precious stone. Although it is highly unlikely breakage will EVER occur, this provides peace of mind to parents who use these necklaces for their babies. Lucy wears HER necklace 24-7, only removing it when she is bathing and at night we move it from her neck to her ankle so there is zero concern of it being a choking hazard. If you have heard of parents using amber for teething and were curious or simply know an expectant mother who would love this as a gift for their blessing-to-be, this is a great giveaway! Again, simply Like her FB page, go buy ANY product from her Etsy shop and you are automatically entered in to win!
Good luck!


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