“Like A Girl” (A Letter To My Daughter)


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Dear Lucy,
You are NOT “just” a girl.
You are a GIRL. Female. Woman child. Beautiful. Strong. Empowered. Feminine. Soft. Kind. Fast. Tough. Smart. Discerning. Quick-witted. Helpful. Gentle. Tender. Empathetic. Filled with faith. Lovely. Brave.
The definition of a girl cannot be put in a box.
Girls can be timid and meek and humble and like sitting at home reading great books about amazing characters and learning how to bake cookies and how to be silly on the phone to their grandma.
Girls can be skinned knees with pebbles in the blood that Mom has to pluck out with tweezers. Girls can be climb-a tree-higher-than-that-boy. Girls can be jump-a-bike-over-the-homemade-ramp-higher-than-your-brother.
Girls can be poetic and dramatic and emotional. Girls can really FEEL things.
Girls can be stoic and chin-up face this world.
Girls can grow up to be a wonderful loving mother. Girls can marry a man they truly love and find pride in a clean home and find fulfillment in raising children and find joy in the simplicity of life.
Girls can grow up to go on grand adventures, to travel to far off lands, to step off the plane all alone with a bag clutched in hand and feet on foreign soil and a heart filled with giddy expectation.
Girls can grow up to break through glass ceilings or break gender barriers or break dance.
They can make millions and drive flashy cars and wear diamonds. They can live off grid and can vegetables and live in a small cabin by a lake where they catch fish and cook that fish for dinner.
Girls can shave their head and gauge their ears and get tattoos. Girls can grow long silky hair or let it dread. Girls can wear long dresses or yoga pants or jeans and boots or nothing at all.
Girls can make the choice to have no kids or 1 kid or ten kids.
So, never mind the fact you are a girl. Thats a lovely wonderful part of you ,yes. But it in no way encapsulates who you are. It is simply only a part of WHAT you are. And the beauty of it is, you can change. Every day. Or stay exactly the same. Doesn’t matter.
Embrace the wonder of living. The miracle of it all. Find contentment and glory in who you are deep in the deepest corners of your wonderful, amazing heart. Keep your chin up. Stand tall. Be proud of the fact you are a girl. And that you can do all of the everything LIKE A GIRL. ❤

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