Product Review: Caloric Cuvee Wine Glass


So, it’s a cute little company that all began with a brilliant idea.
In 2012, a stay-at-home-mom was trying to get in shape and was doing the Weight Watchers program. She wanted to enjoy her nightly glass of wine. (You fellow moms know how crucial that glass of wine can be in saving our sanity at the end of a long day.) But she was sick and tired of having to eyeball a guesstimate of how many ounces she was pouring in order to keep track of her points through Weight Watchers. She got a friend to make some smart etches into a wine glass and voila! A business idea was born! They added in a “Who Cares” line for non-dieters as well.
A few really creative and cute ideas later….. (I personally love the beer stein, which offers both the problem and the solution.) and she had an awesome business going.
These glasses are hand carved by “enslaved” family members and is a simple, family-owned and run business. Which just happens to be my favorite kind of business.
Today in my mail I received my spectacular “Mother’s Helper” wine glass. It comes in both stemmed and non-stemmed. The etching is hilariously done as if children themselves etched it. Which is great because aren’t they the reason we drink in the first place??? 😉
You can check out their website for other options. But this one is my most favorite because it applies well to my life. Except for the fact it only goes up to 4 kids.Which I guess means I am going to have to fill up this bad boy TWICE. But who am I kidding? I would have done so anyway. Because Cabarnet sauvignon is delish and I have high aspirations of being a lush.
(Dream big or go home.)
So, all in all, I am very impressed with this product. It shipped quickly, customer service was very personable and helpful and the glass is both witty and well made. Which is exactly what one wants in a wine glass. Amiright?
Oh! And guess what!!! Caloric Cuvee is offering one awesome possum wine glass to one of my readers!!! If you are interested in winning your very own Mother’s Helpers, go to my pinned post of this blog on my page at Snarky Hippie to enter.
In the meantime, go check out Caloric Cuvee and see their entire line of products. 🙂

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