Simple Things


This is my picture of happiness.
I walked out into my backyard the other day and glanced at this and got this sense of peace and satisfaction in my heart.
Because what this picture is a picture of is more than just some cloth diapers hanging to dry on a clothesline.
This is a picture of the fact I am finally at a place in my life of financial security and stability where I can afford to buy such cute cloth diapers. It is a picture of me being true to my heart and respecting Mother Earth by not using disposable diapers. It is a picture of my backyard. A lovely, fenced in, private yard that is part of a safe, nice, happy house. Where I live. With my healthy children. My whole clan of children, all 7 of them. A big family, just like I wanted from the time I was a little girl. And my boyfriend, who is more of a man than any other I have ever been with and makes this house a home in so many ways and turns my raging heart to still waters when I most need it.
This picture.
This picture is my dream come true.
Everything I ever truly desired in life. I have it now.
I am so very richly blessed.


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