Donna Day 2014


Today is Donna Day.
Many of you may not know what that means.
Let me introduce you to Donna.
This is Donna.
Donna passed away in 2009 at the age of 4.
She battled with brain cancer for 31 months of her life. That’s a lot of battling. Thats a lot of sleepless nights and echoing cries to God from parents who have nothing less to give to help their child but would give up their own lives if it would make a difference.
I can’t even imagine.
And I confess, there are days I lose sight. I take what I have for granted. I get irritated with my sons or raise my voice or long so deeply for 5 minutes of peace and quiet and an uninterrupted shower. I forget just how blessed I truly am.
Until I am reminded. In scrolling through my newsfeed on FB and catching a post from Mary Tyler Mom, Donnas mother. Because I cannot see her face without being reminded of her daughters face, and of her story.
It’s a story that will break your heart into a million pieces. And no matter how you try, it wont ever go back together the same. Because once you face facts that children, CHILDREN, do indeed battle with cancer every every day and all too often lose that battle….you can’t forget. you can’t look away. you can’t feign ignorance in a placid world of assurance.
Well, you could, but that would make you an asshole, wouldn’t it?
No, once you begin to learn and understand, once you read the stories and see the faces… must do SOMETHING.
So, today is Donna Day. is teaming up with Donnas Good Things to make a huge difference. Donna day is a way for Donnas parents, and so many many other people who have fallen in love with a little girl they never even had the oppurtunity to meet to celebrate who Donna was, and to give hope to so many other children currently fighting with cancer. Or who may someday have to face that demon. Because the fact of the matter is, as a parent, you JUST. NEVER. KNOW. Until you yourself are facing down the barrel of that awful vile gun and praying harder than you’ve ever prayed, for hope, for help, for some miracle. Donna day is about LOVE. It’s about HOPE. It’s about funding for research of childhood cancer.
PLEASE, take a minute from your day to read THIS:
Then head over to the link at the bottom of that article, and make a donation. Make a difference. touch a life.
And then do me one more solid. Go home tonight. And grab your children, I don’t care if they’re newly born teensy little blanket-swaddled babes or huge smelly tower-over-you teenage boys, grab them. And hug them. Extra hard. And kiss their faces. BECAUSE YOU CAN. because you are oh so very blessed to be able to do that any damn time you WANT TO. And then tell them you love them. Even if that baby is sqwauling on hour three of colic misery, even if that hyper 3 year old is too distracted by toys to say it back to you, even if that teenager rolls his eyes. Tell them anyway. BECAUSE YOU CAN. And be grateful. So grateful.
And show that gratitude, by having the heart to not look away.
Please, for Ddonnadayonna, and all of the others, lets make a difference. ❤


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