Battle Scars and Warrior Cries


Yesterday I mentioned a bit about my issues with a need for control and how I am in the process of letting things go, letting it all just BE.
Which is SO much easier to say than to actually DO.
But, what about when the things you are trying to let Be, are attached to hurt caused by other people?
The problem with forgiveness is so often it feels like if we say we forgive a person, we are making what they did okay and acceptable, even when it isn’t.
It’s not about the action though. It’s not about the person who did it either.
It’s about us. Our growth. Our ability to move forward. Our desire to be whole. Our want for healing.
Forgiveness is about releasing ourselves. Too often, we think by remaining bitter or angry we are holding the person who did the wrong to us in some imaginary prison. It’s so strange to finally let it go and realize it was WE ourselves who were in that prison.
Healing is a process. It takes time. And the proper steps. If you get a major wound from say, a car wreck, you cannot just expect for the wound to magically vanish with no treatment. You know you need to clean the wound, pick out any debris, apply some sort of antibacterial ointment or oil and bandage it. And you need to keep it dry. Change the bandage daily. It is a PROCESS. And sometimes it gets uglier before it gets better. the new raw skin that begins to grow over. The oozing of STUFF. And then the scar.
Scars always come with stories, don’t they? Ask any person where they got any scar at any time and they’ll have a story at the ready. No matter how small or silly or huge and dramatic. Our scars are a part of our journey. we must learn to accept them, embrace them. There is no shame in scars. they are simply tangible reminders of a history.
So, you learn to let things go, move on. Onward and upward. Leave toxic people in your dust. Claim your history as yours alone. Even the ugly parts. let the scars remind you of who you were and who it helped you become and where you were and where you are now and where you are headed.
And then find your voice.
Your own personal warrior cry.

Your warrior cry is yours alone. It’s what reminds our very souls that we are ready to charge ahead. That we are alive and awake and aware and strong.
It’s what we make known to those around us. To inform the ones who have been trying to tear us down (or keep us down) that we won’t stand for anything less than what we know we deserve.
It’s our cry of triumph. Of READY FOR BATTLE. Of being whole and healed and prepared for the battle.
This is your day. Your life. Your journey.
No one has even a teensy sliver of power against you or in you unless you yourself give them that power. No person can break you unless you allow it.
So, stop allowing it.
Fling out your arms and show the world your battle scars.

And then climb up on that mountain, weary as you may be, and scream out your warrior cry.
On the mountain top
Preparing for battle can be daunting and scary and intimidating at times. It can look almost impossible to us as we face that mountain, that wall, that sea, those storms.
But this time, THIS TIME, you will win.
You always had that much power and strength within you.
You just never believed it.
Start walking out your faith.


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