You Are What You Eat: Healthy Foods For Healthy Bodies


It began in 2004. My oldest son was 3 and hardwired for hyperactive behavior. My gut knew that medication was simply not the solution. But behavioral management techniques alone were not enough. Then I stumbled onto a website that was praising the results of the Feingold Diet. I began to learn about the short and long term effects of artificial dyes and additives and flavors. I began to pay closer attention to how my son behaved after eating a bowl of brightly colored cereal as opposed to when he ate an apple or a salad or some home made stew. Once I began to really pay attention I was shocked with how obvious it was. I began to notice that I myself got a little fidgety and scatterbrained when I binged on chocolate and soda. I felt so much more clear headed when I ate whole foods.
In contrast, when my husband and I first separated, I sent the boys to his home one day to visit and against my request he allowed them to have cookies. “Just a few chocolate chip cookies.” he shrugged it off casually. Those few chocolate chip cookies resulted in my eldest son acting like a crazed monkey on crack and inevitably punching his younger brother straight in the face in a moment of pure impulse. For no reason. This experience cemented my mindset that I wanted to feed my kids an all-natural diet. And that is what we have stuck with. The way I put it “No foods that your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize .” My kids go nuts for fresh fruit. On our property we grow wild strawberries, blackberries, pears and apples. My kids are free to pick them anytime they want a snack. We make snacks as a family. Peanut butter popcorn. Banana bread. Baked kale.
Yes, it’s tough at times. Like birthday parties and holidays when every other kid in the room is binging on candy and cake and soda. But I’ve learned to carry extra snacks and drinks for those situations. And my kids have been known to tell people “Oh I can’t have that, it has Red 40 in it.” They themselves have seen other kids having ADHD and bi polar and autistic meltdowns and they understand it’s easier to avoid such issues when they eat whole foods without all of the crap. I myself have learned my anxiety levels shoot sky high when I drink an energy drink or eat too many additives.
In 2008 I became raw foods vegan. (A diet I have since veered away from but am gradually working back towards.) I was amazed at the amount of energy I had while I ate that type of diet. I cut out all caffienne as well, drinking only water and herbal teas. It was the healthiest and most vibrant I had ever felt in my entire life. There is much to be said for the benefits of ingesting live enzymes.
I ate McDonalds a few months back. The flavors were intriguing. But man oh man did I feel like I had eaten a wad of cement and grease afterwards. Ugh.
So many people do not realize that it is just as possible to become addicted to foods than it is to become addicted to alcohol or cigarettes or other such things. Those food cravings you get are no different than the craving a smoker gets for his next cigarette. It can be hard at first to cut those types of things from your diet. But the results are amazing.And worth it.
I fully believe so many of our health problems, whether psychological or physical , can be cured by a healthy diet of all natural, organic foods. What ails us is all too often simply just a lousy diet.


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  1. So true. Food can be addicting. I used to be an emotional eater. I would sometimes eat cause I was bored. I have discovered that I had hypothyroidism and PCOS when I was trying to get pregnant. I completely changed my diet and fell pregnant within a few months of losing weight and diet change with fruits and vegetables. I always tell my son, if its not from God then its not good for ya. I am actually trying to stay on that healthy diet still for my family, but it can be so expensive for organic fruits and vegetables.

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