Summer. The Season Of Change. And Family. And Popsicles. Lots Of Popsicles.


I woke up this morning to a chill in the air. It dawned on me how close to Autumn we are actually getting. Which really surprised me how quickly this summer has flown by.And hwo much my life has changed in just a small handful of weeks. Huge drastic changes. Family dynamics. Household members. Beautiful, wonderful change. Going into it, I really assumed that this Summer was going to drag. We live a solid 15-20 minute drive from town and are currently sans a vehicle. The mere thought of being home all day every day for months was enough to cause me to hyperventilate and hide in a corner to nosh on chocolate and guzzle wine.
But I didn’t. Instead I got creative.
I made it a goal to every day do something fun with the kids. And some days I flopped horribly with that plan. Some days I got busy with house cleaning and mom stuff and all that jazz and it dawned on me that I didnt do a single special-super-fun-totally-awesome thing all damn day. So, Id cut the tops off a bunch of those popsicles in the tubes and shove them at my kids and say “See!? Fun! Yay! I’m a super great cool mom!” Lame. I know.
But more often than not we DID STUFF.
Without money. Without going into town.
We have no cable or satellite tv. No Wii. No huge vacation plans. What we did have was imagination and limited resources.
But I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, this summer will be one we will never forget.
This is the summer we discovered the secret swimming spot right down the road, a winding creek tucked under a bridge where we built a dam and raced sticks and had splashing wars and found stones for my peace garden and throw mud. we bring the clay mud home to sculpt with and dry in the oven. we see water snakes and creepy spiders. One day I napped at the waters edge in a bed of moss and grass while Chris played with the boys. It was heavenly.
This is the summer we hiked. A lot. And found a huge vine connected to a huge tree and took turns swinging on it. And found old fence posts at an old abandoned house and took them home to decorate and sword fight with. And found huge mountains of stones at a construction site that we climbed and slid down. And found hot springs to lounge in. And found a slew of abandoned cats that we rescued.
This is the summer our apple trees and pear tree finally gifted us fruit. And the boys had a healthy snack anytime they wanted one. And they played war with the apples that fell to the ground. And they climbed up high to gather the ones that were red and fat and round and tossed them down so I could turn them into a huge pot of applesauce.
This is the summer Blaze turned one. And I made him a huge cupcake covered with sprinkles that took him a half hour to devour.
This is the summer I found out our 7th Little was on the way.
This is the summer my mom stopped speaking to me.
This is the summer I finally found my ex husband who has been incognito for 6 years and he finally started paying child support and talking to his sons on the phone.
This is the summer I discovered how wonderful laughter felt pouring out of me without fear of an angry, miserable man flipping his lid, losing his shit, and hurting me.
This is the summer I started writing my poetry again.
This is the summer I learned how to spar.
This is the summer I learned my son loves a girl named Lucy.
This is the summer we did a lot of backyard football and kickball and frisbee and wrestling.
It was a summer filled with a whole lot of love and laughter and family.
And it turns out you really don’t need any huge plans or aspirations or bucket loads of cash or destinations in order to have fun. Because in the end, the memories that truly really stick and matter the most are the ones where you spend time, not money.
If I had to write that lame essay all teachers make their students write on the first day of school “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”…..I am totally under the assumption my kids would all write “We had a totally awesome time.”
The End









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