My Blah Boring HumDrum Yawnfest Life (and other ridiculous misconceptions)


So, I’ve heard it before. Many times. That question folks like to ask directly after they learn that I have six children and actually stay HOME (gasp! The HORROR!) with them all day every day. The question is usually worded a bit differently depending on whom is asking it. But the basic wrap up of it is “Holy CRAP! You must be losing your MIND being stuck home with them all day! Dontcha wanna put them in daycare? Betcha can’t wait til they grow up! Dontcha regret not having a career???”
These folks just assume my life is filed with monotony and misery. They think I see my children as shackles. They figure I crave freedom from this motherhood gig like a man wandering the desert craves water.
So, lemme just clear this up right now. Look guys, I don’t envy you 9-5ers. I truly don’t. I cant even jokingly say I envy the HOURS of a 9-5er. Because as super swell a few more solid hours of sleep would be, I really love those pre-dawn wakings that my youngest has. Nursing him in the stillness of a sleeping house. Strapping a clean adorable cloth diaper on him and snuggling him close. He won’t be this small forever. So, I treasure those moments.
I treasure all the moments. I really do. Sure, I’ll admit there certainly can be monotony in this whole Stay At Home gig. Especially when it comes to cleaning. I vacuum at least once a day, do dishes 3 times a day, clean the bathroom twice a day . (oh trust me on that, that last one is NECCESARY!) But once you get past that grunt labor stuff….man is life at home with my Littles SO fun! I don’t envy my friends who go out and party. I had those days. I wouldnt trade THIS life for that one. Not on your life.
We make playdough. We draw. We paint. We have impromptu dance parties in the livingroom. We build dams in the creek down the road. We hike. We eat picnic lunches in teh backyard. We walk barefoot down windy dirt roads. We have water balloon fights. And shaving cream fights. And pillow fights. And ice cream fights. We knead the dough for homemade bread. We read literary classics. We wrestle. We sword fight. We learn about history and religion and sociology and then discuss these topics in depth. We laugh. We argue. We pray out loud.
Its life and its messy and silly and crazy and chaotic and beautiful and wonderful and anything but boring.
And I love every moment of it. ❤


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