30-Day Letter Writing Challenge: Day #14- Letter To Someone Who Always Makes You Laugh



Dear Brandon,
Have I thanked you lately? For bringing a certain kind of light to my life. For having that awesome kind of sense of humor that can always get me rolling. It’s always a great surprise in life to discover someone whose mind works the way my own does. Kindred souls of insanity, I suppose.
You’ve got that sincere, kindness as well. I appreciate every aspect of your soul. But man, when I need a good, hardcore, until-my-belly-hurts laugh…..you’re the guy.
The thing I have learned in life is that the ones who are best a making others laugh have usually walked through hell quite a bit in their life. To know the depth of darkness…..it makes you desire to seek out the light with a passion, and want to shine it for others. I see your scars. And I wonder often if they bother you. If the stigma of being a battered soul on the outside ever bothers you at all.
I really hope it doesn’t. For me personally, I think of scars in the same way I think of tattoos. Every single one holds a story, history, a part of who we are. At 18 you’ve had more experiences, carved yourself a storyline in flesh, created more stories than many people twice your age.There’s no shame in that. Those scars are you. They are what you come from, what you learned, where you are headed. I’m so very happy you don’t hurt yourself anymore. I cannot fathom the dark voice in yourself that had you convinced a light as bright as the one in your soul should be quenched. I am so honored to have met you. To be able to call you my brother. In case you ever wonder, let me be clear here. You matter. So much. To a lot of people. You are loved. You have a purpose. You are awesome. Seriously.
Just the simple act of making me laugh when what I may actually WANT to do is punch people in the throat….that’s a true gift. Life without you in it would be pretty lame and boring. Thanks for being you.
I love you, brother. 🙂

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