Letter Writing Challenge Day #9: Someone Famous I Want To Meet



Dear Beth Hart,
I first discovered you in 1999 when I was 19 years old. It was your song Mama, sung in that bluesy-rock voice of yours. I fell in love. Hard. Bought your tape (That’s right, TAPE, it was 1999 after all.) and played it over and over. I was pretty shy and timid back then and I was fascinated by your power and intensity when you sang. I wished I had the balls to sing like that.
I’ve watched every live performance you have ever done. For me personally, I have always equated dancing and singing to a sexual comparison. A truly GOOD song, one written from the depths of a soul, darkness and light combined, and sung from the core of a heart, is like good sex. It’s raw and vulnerable and powerful and exquisite. Its blood, sweat and tears. Watching you perform live is like that. Your heart and soul simply flow. I love that. I respect you so much as a musician because you are REAL. True. You don’t need to hide behind costumes or flair in order to sell albums. You simply do what you love. And do it WELL.
My favorite song by you has always been L.A. song. Always has been. There is a video of you doing it on stage, barefoot at a keyboard with a cigarette. I fall in love with you a bit more each time I see it.
I would love to someday be able to sit down with you and just chat. To pick your brain, to find out the stories behind a few of your songs. To tell you how your music has touched me. You rock, sister. Truly. 🙂


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