Letter-Writing Challenge Day #8: Letter To My Favorite Online Friend (s)







Dear Jesse,
You rock. For real. It’s pretty rare that a person is their true self online. Its easier not to be. But you are a ballsy chick who just puts it all out there and basically says “Here I am, world. If you don’t like it, I don’t give a rip.”
I found you on your Hey Freddie page first. Wondered for two days why the heck your parents named you Freddie. Thought maybe it was short for Fredricka. But you cleared that up and I eventually found your personal page on FB and discovered your real name is Jesse. I might actually like Freddie better. πŸ˜‰
I immediately like any person who can dish out sarcasm and snarkiness. You were already awesome as it was.
Then one day I read a blog you wrote about your journey and your daughter and what love meant to you and it moved me. Really moved me. I read it twice and cried both times. It stuck in my heart since then. It made me see a different side of you and you earned bucket fulls of respect from me that day.
I just was saying to my boyfriend yesterday that I wished I lived closer to you because I could totally see me hanging out with you and us being real life friends. You’re true, real, honest, sincere and funny as hell. I love all of those things. I love you. xo

Dear Pixie,
I am pretty fairly convinced that my mother is a liar. That the story she has told me of my conception and birth is a faΓ§ade to cover up for the fact you and I are actually long lost twin sisters. I call you my soul sister. How strange to feel such a familiar kinship to a person I have never actually met in real life. But there it is anyway. That connection that we share. In some ways we are so alike its as if we are one soul separated to fill two separate “meat suits” .(as you call them) And in other ways we are so vastly different and those differences simply make you fascinating to me.
You have been a support to me in so many ways. When I had a million questions about children on the autism spectrum. When I was going through my last pregnancy alone. Through my struggles on this journey. Your posts to my wall to inspire me or make me laugh. The chats in my inbox. I appreciate you so much. I am grateful for you.
And your own journey…..I hope I have been able to shine some light along your pathway as well. I cried when you miscarried. I knew how desperately you wanted to have another child. I read over every detail of all of those adoption websites you sent me, studied each of those childrens profile information as if it were my own life being impacted by uch a heavy choice. It moved my soul to see the huge amount of love you had for those children. And when you ended up getting pregnant and this one stuck…..man was I so happy I danced in my chair. I worried and prayed over you through the first trimester just as much as I worried and prayed through my own, knowing how it feels to carry a baby after losing one or two or more…..
I love you my beautiful soul sister. So much. You shine. Through all of the hell fires of your past you stand strong and all that the struggles have done is make you sparkle. Someday I will meet you face to face and hug you huge. πŸ™‚ We can be wonderfully socially-awkward together. πŸ˜‰
Love, Tonia


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  2. Aw shucks mam. This means alot to me, I’m 100% sure that if we lived closer I would spend most of my free time at your house!!! Our kids would be best friends and maybe even one day when our little graduate highschool your handsom little gentlemen could take my Nati on a date. When there 35 of course. My man was stationed in North Carolina (if I’m not mistaken that’s the area of the world yall live in) for a couple of years and he always talks about taking me there to see how beautiful it is, I’m gonna have to plan a trip to come visit! Its very rare for me to meet people who pass every friend test, Felicia is the only real friend I have and I love her dearly. You have passed every test then some, thank you for including me in your blog πŸ™‚ Love ya lots mama!

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