There’s A Frog In The Toilet (And Other Reasons Being A Mom Of Boys Rocks)


Seriously. There was a frog. In my toilet. I discovered this fact last night. Thank God it was BEFORE I sat down. Because I’m fairly certain I would have screamed like a little girl if in mid-pee a slimy little frog had bounced up and ricocheted off of my bare ass. But the point is, WHY was the frog there?

Because he wanted to swim. Said the four year old. Impenetrable logic. How to argue with it?

You don’t.

You just accept the answer and move on with your life. There’s nothing more to see here, folks. Because that’s just life when you live with 6 boys. Stuff that would freak out the average person becomes so commonplace you don’t even bat an eyelid when it occurs. Its just a shrug and a “Meh.” response. If even that.

Their shoes are spotless. But the SOCKS, that were IN the shoes are covered in thirty two coats of mud.

Don’t question it.

They took a shower for 47 years. Drained the entire damn water tank so you now cannot do dishes. But somehow their hair is still dry.

Don’t question it.

They ate enough for dinner to satisy a small country. A small country of elephants. they ate so much there wasn’t enough food for you so YOUR dinner consisted of peanut butter on stale bread. Ten minutes after dinner they are back out in the kitchen complaining about being hungry. (WTF?)

Don’t question it.

This is just life with boys.

But you know what? It balances out quite nicely.

When the 8 year old picks you a huge bouqet of daisies from the back yard. When the four year old sees you standing in front of the mirror wearing nothing but a sports bra and a pair of shorts, and youre cursing age and gravity and he exclaims “Youre pretty like a princess mommy!”. When one of them makes a truly amusing joke about farts (c’mon now, I like bathroom humor. Im a mom of ALL BOYS. Its kindain my contract.) and you all crack up together over it. When you all go outside and play football together and no one even makes fun of you when your “spiral” looks more like a dying duck hurtling drunkenly through the air.

Life is pretty darn awesome with all these boys. Is it what I had envisioned for my life back when I was 15? Heck no. (Well, back then I was gonna marry Jared Leto from My So Called Life, so, whatever.) But honestly, I wouldn’t want to change a thing. Its fun, its loud, its messy, its beautiful. It rocks.


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  1. You are so right, boys do rock. I have three grown sons, and I had more fun when they were little. Then, six years after the youngest son, came a daughter…….wow! Now, that’s a whole different ball game! Boys are so much easier!

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