“Sometimes I lay under the moon, And thank God that I’m breathing. Then I pray ‘don’t take me soon’. Because I’m here for a reason.”  (“One Day” by Matisyahu)

Gratitude is a funny thing. Because for most people it depends on circumstances. It’s easy to be grateful for things when everything in life is sunshine and butterflies. Its easy to see your blessings when you’re surrounded  by them. But when the world around you deepens its shadows it can be hard to catch even a glimpse of enough good to appreciate. Its so easy to forget what we once had (and in reality what we still have) because thoghts can be a fickle thing. Perception can be a cruel King.

The way I try to look at my life is to always remind myself that there is someone out there worse off.  Always. There is always someone who would give anything just for five minutes of my life in comparison to their own. This way of walking through this world not only helps me be grateful for what I have but it gives me a strong sense of empathy for the human race. Its a steady way to walk. And it gets easier over time.

No matter what my struggle, someone else is battling larger, more terrifying demons. I’m poor? Well, there is a person somewhere eating food from a dumpster. My ex put his hand on me in anger? Well, some other woman died at the hands of her abuser. My kids wont respect me today and pushed me so far that I sat and cried? Well, there is a mother bringing flowers to her child’s grave this afternoon. I don’t have a car? Someone out there doesn’t have feet. My house is a mess and I am so overwhelmed I don’t know where to begin? Someone out there doesn’t HAVE a house to keep clean.

Its all a matter of perspective.

Keep your eye on the positive and it will begin to shine and grow and multiply and eventually the demons and shadows will fade away.

So…..what are YOU grateful for today?

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