Reasons Why Boys ROCK


People sometimes give me that LOOK of utter pity when they learn I have 6 sons. And although it DOES have its fair share of chaos and noise, being the mom of all boys…..I’d far prefer 6 sons over 6 daughters any day.
I have friends who have daughters. I have babysat little girls. I have a younger sister. One girl…I could probably do. But six? The mere thought of it makes me want to curl up in a corner and hide.
Boys are less drama. That’s a biggie right there. The drama starts so freaking young with little girls. “If you don’t share your Barbie, than you can’t come to my birthday party 4 months from now!” “You’re not my best friend anymore!” etc etc etc Boys? If boys don’t get along they punch each other in the face, then get back to playing. There’s no TIME for all the nonsense drama brings. There are worms to be dug up and stored in moms best butter dish. There are dead field mice to inspect, forts to be built. footballs to be thrown, battles to be won, dogs to chase, walls to scale…..
Girls wil ramble and ramble until your ears bleed. Ask a girl what she did all day and youre bound to hear how her entire day went as well as a whole slew of junk you never wanted to know about.Boys get to the point. Ask a boy how his day went. If you manage to get an actual intelligible WOD out of him, consider yourself blesses. My oldest son grunts a lot. I think he’s part caveman. If I do get a word or two out of him it’s never more than that. A word. Or two.
“How was school?”
“I dunno.”
“What do you mean you don’t know? What did you do? Did you learn anything?”
“Well, what did you learn about?”
“I forgot.”
Boys don’t need all that crap that girls require. No training bras. No tights. No makeup. No hair ties or clips or barrettes or scrunchies or headbands or nailpolishes or ten different pairs of tappy shoes that match ten different dresses. No hours spent brushing out snarly hair. (There is a very good reason I have dreadlocks.) My sons can get ready for school in 15 minutes flat. I buzz their hair down every spring as soon as the weather gets warm enough. They go all during the warm season not even having to brush their hair. They look like little soldiers. We manage to make things work with just ONE bathroom in a home with 7 people. Could you imagine doing that with 6 girls???? Fahgedaboutit.
Boys are tough. They can be gushing blood rom their nose and just stroll up all cool and casual asking me for a rag. They don’t freak out. They just want to stop the blood flow as soon as possible so they can get back to whatever it was they were doing that caused the injury in the first place. (Probably jumping off of he roof or attempting to ride their bike over a homemade ramp. )
I know when they are older I’m gonna be real lucky. A houseful of teenage boys (as long as I keep them supplied with pizza and soda ) can be super handy. All those “guy” jobs like mowing the lawn, fixing the pipes, moving furniture…..all that stuff that I do alone right now….someday I will have 6 young men to do all that junk for me. Right now, being a a single parent sucks. But at some point things will shift and I’ll find myself living in a house where my workload will be far lighter and I will have 6 tough young men to protect me. 🙂
Right now? Right now they are really good about doling out the love and snuggles and kisses. They bring me wildflowers. (or in thecase of the 4 year old, just the heads of the flowers….how do you put THAT in a vase?) They compliment me all of the time. They are sweet and loyal and funny and smart and simply awesome.
That’s why I can forgive them when I pull a dead slug out of their pants pocket while doing the laundry.
That’s just life with boys.


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