Rude Folks Are Everywhere


Apparently, there is a great need for people to take some serious manners classes in this society. Because some of the junk that spews out of folks mouths…..I swear.
And once people learn my husband and I are the parents of six sons……forget about it. All bets are off. All filters are removed. And the oh-so-original (heard ’em all before)witty comments begin.
“Wow! SIX!? You do know what causes that, right????” (Usually followed by a slightly awkwardly discomforting LOOK and nudge to my hubby.)
Uh… Not at all. We haven’t made THAT connection yet. Here are our six sons, behaving in public, dressed in clean matching outfits, obviously being raised just fine. But we must be two very naïve, ignorant folks. PLEASE do enlighten us, oh-arrogant stranger. Teach us the wisdom of your solution. Because clearly your assumption that each and every one of these kids was created by pure mistake is very appreciated. And thanks for saying it right in front of my kids. We’ve been making the mistake of telling them they are loved and cherished and gifts from God. Our bad.
Or this one “So, are y’all gonna be trying for a little girl” or “Were you trying for a daughter?”
Ok. I will be 100% honest and say yes, there IS a tiny corner of my heart reserved for that possible someday daughter. In a house full of males I long for it at times. But I also have pondered the fact I may never have that. BUT, to insinuate that these beautiful boys are mere prototypes, just unwanted boy-models while we were actually wanting a girl… cruel and hurtful to say such a thing. (again, usually while my sons ae RIGHT THERE listening.) And to ask me if we are going to try for a girl. Like we arent blessed YET. A person actually asked me that at church while I was holding my then-4 day old son. Four days old. I looked at them in perplexity and replied “I really would just like to focus on THIS baby right now!”
Then there are the ones who assume my life is stressed to the max and my house must be a pigsty. They have these odd visions of me sitting in a house filled with stinky socks, mud streaked walls, boys screaming like banshees running through the house in filthy clothes while I frantically toss them oreos and McDonalds French fries.
Couldn’t be further from the truth. We have a routine. We have daily chores. We spend time as a family reading, playing board games, watching movies. I cook my sons healthy mostly organic often vegetarian meals from scratch. We are teaching them empathy and how to behave like gentlemen. They respond with “Yes Mam” and “Yes Sir”. I have massive organizational skills, yo. 🙂
My sons were not accidents. Nor do I feel my life is out of control. My greatest joy is being their mama. I truly do not require the advice and suggestions of strangers. I don’t need to answer your questions about my sex life or my use of birth control. It’s NOT YOUR BUSINESS. I don’t ask you what position you and your spouse use most in bed or why you don’t have kids or only have one…..because that’s not MY business.
So, the next time you see a family with more than 3 kids, try biting your tongue and NOT assuming the parents are clueless, stressed-out, lacking-something-you-THINK-they-need people. Maybe, just maybe, they are simply blessed and happy and livingin a home that may be a little noisy and chaotic at times, but is also overflowing with laughter and love. ❤


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